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Petzl Lanyard Iguane



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Helivac lanyard for ground drop-off/recovery. 25 cm and 395 g.--Features
- Designed for ground helivac:
- On the metal frame, a large upper hole for rapid attachment of the helicopter winch
- double lower end allows the rescuer and victim to be connected
- carabiner fixed to the metal frame to attach a litter
- Easy manipulation:
- instant identification of the attachment elements thanks to their color coding
- facilitated clipping due to connectors held in correct position
- Available in two lengths:
- short version, designed for connection to harness sternal attachment point
- long version, ideal for use with a litter
Specification - Carabiners for attaching rescuer and victim: Vertigo Twist-Lock
- Carabiner for attaching the litter: Am'D Twist-Lock
- Material(s): aluminum, stainless steel, nylon, elastomer
- Certification(s): CE EN 354

Compatible Model(s): Lezard

Petzl professional line

    Petzl Lanyard Iguane
    Petzl Lanyard Iguane