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AirSpade Vac Excavator - Arborist Kit

Guardair Corporation


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The AirSpade Vac Excavator and AirSpade 2000 are the go-to combination for safely exposing delicate tree roots and subterranean objects with no detriment.

Powered by a 185 cfm tow-behind compressor, AirSpade Vac is a compact and conveniently mobile alternative to large, expensive vacuum trucks. It has a powerful venturi vacuum engine with no motors or moving parts, allowing for effective vacuuming of up to 2 cubic ft/min of contents such as dirt, sand, gravel, small rocks, and muck. Boasting an 11 cubic ft. (82 gallon) tank with extra-wide dump door, the device is light and easily transportable, allowing for smooth loading onto a pickup truck.

AirSpade 2000 has a higher digging speed and efficiency than other tools. Equipped with a patented, supersonic nozzle, AirSpade 2000 is effective on virtually any type of soil, even tough clays. Perfect for delicate arboriculture tasks like vertical mulching, bare-rooting, radial trenching, and aerating soil.


  • AIRVAC: Heavy-duty, all aluminum construction with 82 gallon tank
  • AIRVAC: 24" x 16" dump door
  • AIRVAC: Removable, venturi vacuum engine assembly
  • AIRVAC: 15" diameter pneumatic tires
  • AIRVAC: 4" ID x 15 ft heavy-duty, lightweight vacuum hose
  • AIRVAC: 4" ID x 4 ft clear plastic vacuum wand
  • AIRSPADE 2000: Ergonomic, pistol-grip style handle with soft rubber grip
  • AIRSPADE 2000: Comfortable, dead-man trigger
  • AIRSPADE 2000: Lightweight, fiberglass barrel with adjustable dirt shield
  • AIRSPADE 2000: Extra-hardened, 150 cfm stainless steel supersonic nozzle


  • (1) AirVac Engine and Tank Assembly
  • (1) 4" x 15' Lightweight Vacuum Hose
  • (1) 4' Vacuum Wand
  • (1) Operations Manual
  • (1) HT130 - AirSpade 2000 150 cfm


Part Number AVU16540KTA
Minimum Compressor (hp) 36
Noise Level (dB) 99
Flow (cfm) 750
    AirSpade Vac Excavator - Arborist Kit
    AirSpade Vac Excavator - Arborist Kit
    AirSpade Vac Excavator - Arborist Kit