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AirSpade Vac Vacuum Excavator

Guardair Corporation


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Equipped with pneumatic power, AirSpade Vac offers a versatile alternative to cumbersome and costly vacuum trucks. It can efficiently extract up to 2 cubic ft/min of debris, from sand and dirt to small rocks and muck.

The AirSpade Vac is powered by a robust 185 cfm tow-behind air compressor with no motors or moving parts to wear out, and its 11 cubic ft. (82 gallons) tank capacity and extra-wide dump door facilitate easy emptying of spoils for backfilling. Equipped with a washable exhaust filter bag which captures dust, and a rugged 15" pneumatic tire for superior maneuverability, the device's all aluminum construction and sturdy side rails enable effortless loading onto the bed of a pickup truck.

Made in USA.

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  • Heavy-duty, all aluminum construction
  • 11 cubic ft (82 gallon) capacity tank
  • 24" x 16" dump door
  • Removable, venturi vacuum engine assembly
  • Washable exhaust filter bag
  • 15" diameter pneumatic tires
  • Air supply pressure gauge
  • 3/4" FNPT compressed air inlet with Universal Coupler
  • 4" ID x 15 ft heavy-duty, lightweight vacuum hose
  • 4" ID x 4 ft clear plastic vacuum wand


  • (1) AirSpade Vac Engine and Tank Assembly
  • (1) 4" x 15' Lightweight Vacuum Hose
  • (1) 4' Vacuum Wand
  • (1) Operations Manual


Part Number AVU16540
Minimum Compressor (hp) 36
Noise Level (dB) 99
Flow (cfm) 750
Vacuum Lift (in H20) 262
    AirSpade Vac Vacuum Excavator
    AirSpade Vac Vacuum Excavator
    AirSpade Vac Vacuum Excavator
    AirSpade Vac Vacuum Excavator