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Petzl Freino Carabiner



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Carabiner with friction spur for descenders--Features
- Designed for use at the end of a Progress lanyard
- May be used with a CaptivO positioning bar to favor loading of the carabiner along the major Axis, to limit the risk of it flipping and to keep it integrated with the device
- Facilitates handling when passing intermediate anchors:
- ergonomic shape for excellent Grip
- Twist-Lock automatic Locking system is easy to use. It is unLocked by a simple rotation
- wide Opening for easy connection of the connector
- KeyLock system, to avoid any involuntary snagging of the connector
- Simplified inspection:
- H shaped cross-section Protects markings from abrasion
- identification with Datamatrix code for quick inspection of product

- Material(s): aluminum, Stainless Steel, nylon
- Certification(s): CE EN 362

Petzl professional line

    Petzl Freino Carabiner
    Petzl Freino Carabiner