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AirSpade 5000 Utility Series

Guardair Corporation


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The AirSpade 5000 Utility Series is the newest addition to the AirSpade product line, delivering a safe way to reveal what lies beneath the surface. Featuring an in-line style handle, this tool is specially designed for excavation projects where vertical gripping is preferred.

Crafted from non-flammable bronze, the AirSpade 5000 Utility features the cutting-edge, patent-pending AirSpade Supersonic Nozzle. Offering power beyond compare, this nozzle produces a laser-like air jet that moves two times faster than sound, resulting in quicker, more productive excavation.

Rugged, lightweight aluminum handle has a full-size grip opening to enable usage of linesman's gloves. A comfortable thermal-shielding plastic grip provides electrical insulation. A dead-man trigger ensures use is safe, and a trigger guard prevents inadvertent activation. An integral pressure gauge optimizes digging performance. The 3/4'' NPT compressed air inlet is outfitted with a 3/4'' swivel-type Universal Coupler.

An insulated, 300kV-rated screw-on fiberglass barrel prevents electrocution risk near buried utility lines, with brass barrels and connectors reducing sparking risk. A dirt shield of adjustable rubber deflects soil and an auxiliary handle is detachable and included.


  • AS 5000 Handle with 3/4'' NPT inlet
  • Swivel-type Universal Coupler
  • 300kV rated, insulated 4 Ft. fiberglass barrel
  • Adjustable, rubber dirt shield
  • Non-sparking, bronze Supersonic Nozzle
  • Detachable, auxiliary handle


  • (1) AS 5000 Handle with swivel-type Universal Coupler
  • (1) 300kV rated, insulated 4 Ft. fiberglass barrel with dirt shield
  • (1) 105 cfm non-sparking, bronze Supersonic Nozzle
  • (1) Detachable, auxiliary handle
  • (1) Operations Manual
    AirSpade 5000 Utility Series
    AirSpade 5000 Utility Series