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AirSpade 3000 Barrel Assembly with Dirt Shield

Guardair Corporation


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This heavy-duty, 5' fiberglass barrel assembly for the AirSpade 3000 air-excavation tool is essential for secure and efficient work. It features an adjustable dirt shield that guards operators from flying debris as well as a non-conductive design that offers protection from buried electrical lines. Additionally, it is compatible with all AirSpade 3000 components and accessories.


  • Lightweight, non-conductive, reinforced fiberglass tubing
  • Adjustable, rubber dirt shield
  • Anodized aluminum hardware
  • Knurled surface provides superior grip for tight connection
  • Male/female threaded connection


  • (1) Barrel Assembly
  • (1) Dirt Shield
    AirSpade 3000 Barrel Assembly with Dirt Shield