Return Process

Step 0: Read Our Return Policy

Due to the nature of many of the products we carry we may not be able to process return requests for specific products especially those relating to safety. Read over our return policy to see if the products you are hoping to return are covered. If you have any issues or questions regarding our policy contact us.

Step 1: Login to Your Account

To begin the return process start by logging in to the account used to make the purchase. To login navigate to the top right corner of the main page and select the account icon. 

Account login Icon

Step 2: Enter Your Email

Next enter your email associated with the account you made the purchase with. The page should look something like this.

Account login page

Step 3: Check Your Email

A 6-digit authentication code will be sent to your email which will look something like the image below. It expires after 15 minutes.

Return process email

Step 4: Enter the Authentication Code

Enter the 6-digit authentication code sent to your email in the field that looks something like the one below. 

Authentication screen

Step 5: Select the Order to Return

You will see your account page with all your orders. Here you can request a return.

Return process account button

Step 6: Select the Items to Return

From the items on your order select the items you wish to return.

Select the items to return

Step 7: Select the Reason for the Return

When prompted select the quantity and the reason for wanting to return the items. Additionally add a note if you have comments to make.
Enter the reason for the return request

Step 8: Submit the Return Request

You will see and select the "Request return" button once you have selected all the products you wish to return.

Submit the return request page

Step 9: Finalize the Return Request

Lastly you will see the order number with the items you have requested to return. One of our staff will review your return request after which point you will receive an email with their decision and next steps. If you have any additional questions don't hesitate to connect with us via chat or our contact page.

Finalize the return request page